Basic Information
  • Identification – a drivers licence is all that is usually required
  • Completed Fact Find form (provided by your broker)
  • Last 3 months bank statements for account where pay is credited to and monthly expenses are debited to
  • Most recent statement on any current loan (car loan, credit card, personal loan) not being refinanced
If PAYG Employee
  • 2 most recent consecutive electronic payslips (no more than 4 weeks old) OR
  • A letter from your employer on their letterhead stating position, length of employment, employment status and gross income signed and dated by the employer PLUS
  • Most recent group certificate or Notice of Assessment.
If Self Employed
  • Last 2 years personal tax returns including Notice of Assessment
  • Last 2 years company/business financial statements
  • Last 2 years company/business tax returns
If purchasing Owner Occupied or Investment property
  • Evidence of savings history (most recent 6 months savings account statements)
  • Front page of contract of sale
  • Rental appraisal (if purchasing an investment property)
If Refinancing / Debt Consolidation
  • Last 6 months statements on any loan(s) being refinanced
  • Last 3 months statements on any credit card(s) being refinanced
  • Current rates notice for all properties being refinanced
  • Rental Statement (if investment property is being refinanced)
If a Construction Loan / Renovations and Extensions
  • Copy of building contract / fixed price tender
  • Copy of building plans
If First Home Buyer
  • Original birth certificate (or a copy certified by a Justice of the Peace)

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